About Our School!

Presenting The Past by Edwin Dale Shult, II  
Silver City Record, Kansas City, KS. 1977

The John Fiske grade school on the old 1200 Block of Wyoming and Custer and the present address of
625 South Valley is in Amourdale. However, this school sent many pupils on to Argentine High School 
and now Harmon. In the 1930's and 40's students had the option of attending Wyandotte or Argentine. 
Now, however,  the school district is more defined and some students from John Fiske are still attending

The John Fiske Elementary School was built to serve the needs of the west end of Armourdale in 1903. 
The school was named in honor of John Fiske (1842-1901). Nineteen century philospher and historian. 
The  original building consisted of four rooms and grades one through four. A Mr. George was the first
principal  and the first faculty consisted of Myra Albaugh, Gertrude Murry, and Hallceon Martin. Other 
early instructors included: Dora Monahan, Adele Humprey (Principal from 1905-05), Joe Thomas (1906-30)
and Helen A. Boner.  Eight rooms were added to John Fiske in 1906 and four more were added in 1939. 
This made a total of sixteen rooms for grades one through eight. The first PTA or Mothers club was
formed during 1908-09.

In the 1951 flood, John Fiske suffered heavy damage as did the John J. Ingalls and the Morse School 
of Armourdale. The Clara Barton and Phillips, a Black school, were completely destroyed.

Trailer City was built on the site of the Old Homestead Golf Course for flood victims of Argentine and 
Armourdale. This was near the present location of the J.C. Harmon High School on Steele Road. 
John Fiske Elementary school went to half-day sessions until Morse School and it had to be complete 
rebuilt. A fire, however,  in the basement of John Fiske in January of 1952 did little damage. In 
September of 1952 instead of an estimated enrollment of 250 at John Fiske tehre was actually 499 
pupils. Trailer City children were shortly thereafter transferred back to John J. Ingalls and eventually 
back to the rebuilt Morse School. In 1977 Lucille Lark, a long time teacher at the school was nominated 
as the KCK's School District's candidate for the Master Teacher of the Year Award.

Presently the John Fiske Elelmentary School has a faclty of fifty teachers and staff, and an enrollemnt 
of approximately 350 pupils in grades kindergarten through five. Josie Herrera is the Principal. Students 
on the westside of South Valley presently attend Rosedale Middle School and Harmon High School.

The Misson of John Fiske School is to provide a positive school environment where studenst are taught  
effective communication and problem solving skills.